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'Roof fans characteristics' software


This software is dedicated to select appropriate fans manufactured by Uniwersal Company Ltd. from Katowice, Poland and applicable to airflow systems in dwelling buildings. The program calculates necessary amount of air that is to be drawn out of the building pursuant to the assumed geometry and dimensions of the system components. For both detached houses and multi-storey buildings that program is capable to consider a number of air grates disposed vertically one above another.

Software installation

Prior to install the software create a new folder within the file tree of the computer disc with the desired pathname. Then copy the setup file named “install_went_dach_char_en.exe” to that folder. Start the setup program and accept automatic unpacking of the software files into the newly created folder by depressing the “OK” button. After having the unpacking process completed the setup file can be deleted. Select the executable file “went_dach_char_en.exe” to start the software up. The installation requires 10 MB free space on the computer hard disk.

Download: instal_went_dach_char_en.exe

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