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About us

UNIWERSAL Sp. z o.o. Manufacturing Company was established in 1988. The company manufactures fans and roof ventilators, and delivers its products to markets in Poland and abroad.
Our goal is the highest quality of our products, as well as their longevity and flawless matching to both industrial and residential environments.

All of our appliances are based on the company's proprietary designs that have gone through all stages of research and development - from prototyping, through testing and to deployment of the end product.
The company has its own measurement and testing stations where each design modification is carefully tested and then deployed for mass production after satisfying results have been obtained.

The main structural material is polyester/glass fibre laminate because of its durability.
Pigmentation of resins allows for colours that are long-lasting, do not bleak, and are resistant to corrosive impact of the atmosphere or exhausts removed from rooms.

It needs to be mentioned that both the investor and the designer can choose the colours for the appliances using the RAL colour palette of pigments that are added to polyester resins. Therefore, it is possible to match the colour of the roof, the facade or the company logo.

Design aesthetics is very important to us - our products are not only fully functional but also look attractive, which is one of the reason why they are so popular among customers in Poland and abroad.

Currently, we manufacture several series of standard, acid-proof and explosion-proof fans for roof-mounted deployments, and multiple models of gravitational ventilators.
Please visit out websites: www.uniwersal.com.pl and www.fenko.pl.
Over the phone our experts will answer any questions you might have.

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